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On 16 January 1941, a detachment of three RAF Sunderlands from 210 Squadron at Pembroke Dock became 95 Squadron Coastal Command flying its first boat out to Gibraltar early in February.

With W/Com. F. J. Fressanges as its CO and Squadron Leader Lombard as Flight Commander, the Squadron began to arrive at its base in Freetown, Sierra Leone in March of that year to start anti-submarine patrols and reconnaissance over the South Atlantic. In March 1943, No. 95 completed it's move to Bathurst (now Banjul), Gambia West Africa, operating detachments from Sierra Leone, Dakar, Liberia, Jui, Bathurst, Hallf-Die and Port-Etienne in Mauritania for the rest of the war. The Squadron disbanded on 30th June 1945.

Dedicated to my father, 159861 Flt/Lt George "Tiddler" Gregory and the men he served with.

As Britain stands alone against Germany in 1940, The Wolf Packs - German U-Boats, threaten to bring her to her knees.

Winston Churchill said the only thing that ever frightened him during World War II was the U-boat peril in the atlantic. The Battle of the Atlantic played a very significant part in World War II as Germany engaged in heavy attacks on Allied shipping with the goal of cutting off Britain from the supplies needed to wage war using groups of U-boats, known as "wolf packs," to destroy the Atlantic convoys that were re supplying Britain.

The Sunderland crews of Coastal Command 95 squadron typically flew for up to three days at a time in various observation roles, from convoy escort, blockade runner patrol, transit reconnaissance and anti-submarine sweeps, often in very bad weather and bad visibility. Other duties were air/sea search and rescue for survivors of stricken vessels. transit runs

Coastal Command

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Crew of D/95
Alan Gardner

Alan Gardner

Alan Gardner flew W6076 through until VE Day.

From the photo collection of his son Chris Gardner


Crew of B/95
Phil Christopher

Sunderland Pilot Phil Christopher

DV963 was Phil Christopher's Aircraft,

From the photo collection of Chris Gardner


John Bowering (No1)

Sunderland Pilot G/95 John Bowering

Sunderland Pilot based in Jui, Sierra Leone

From the photo collection of his son
Robert Bowering, (friend of my father's)

Part of 95 Squadron
Bathurst (Banjul)

Part RAF 95

Bathurst (Banjul), Gambia

From the photo collection of
George W Gregory